The DigiSmart Activity site for 2014-15 is now closed

The DigiSmart Activity site for 2015-16 will be 'live' and accessible to authorised users in our partner schools by MONDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2015.

Starting DigiSmart 2015-16

At the start of the Autumn Term we will email all schools whose places have been confirmed and provide details of the Year Start arrangements.

This will include access to our training video tutorials for tutors.

DigiSmart ToolBox ordering

The ToolBox of materials supporting the weekly online sessions will be despatched to your school once the names and details of your DigiSmart group have been entered in the DigiSmart Staffroom and you have placed a ToolBox order.

We hope your Summer break is a good one and we look forward to starting the new DigiSmart year in September 2015.

The DigiSmart Team