5th July 2016

Announcing the new DigiSmart App

DigiSmart is excited to announce that its successful literacy programme will launch as an app this Autumn, to ensure that as many children as possible benefit from the fantastic power of the programme.

According to Dr. Maggie Holgate of DigiSmart, “This new model responds to demand from teachers. There is overwhelming evidence that DigiSmart motivates children and delivers strong improvements in reading.”

DigiSmart has worked with more than a thousand schools since 2002, helping over 20,000 children. From September 2016 schools will decide how to use the programme – with whole classes, smaller groups or with individual students. Children will also be able to work through the activities independently and receive feedback on progress.

DigiSmart has strong support from schools:

“I have no hesitation in recommending DigiSmart for use in schools and would run it with as many pupils as you possibly can. Every child should be able to benefit from this excellent programme.”
Anne Puddephatt, Headteacher, The Duke’s Middle School, Alnwick, Northumberland

“Over the course of the DigiSmart programme I have witnessed reluctant readers transformed into children who read for pleasure.”
Sue Davies, Teacher and Year 5/6 Phase Leader, Pakeman Primary School, London

Dr. Holgate is clear that the new app means even more children will be able to take advantage of DigiSmart: “The use of tablets is growing fast. There is an unprecedented opportunity to make DigiSmart available to all children who need help with some very specific and fundamental literacy skills. The new programme model will focus on building key reading strategies more intensely than ever before.”

The launch of DigiSmart as an app also means the programme will now be available to parents who want to support their children’s reading.

The new DigiSmart app will be released on 27th September 2016.



Christine Cunningham, DigiSmart
07940 770973